Hoover Dam

Water usage in Southern California is unsustainable

Aerial View

Grass landscapes require four feet of water every year


Irrigation audits reveal gross water wasters


Modern irrigation technology saves our clients water and money


We install beautiful, California-friendly rain gardens


Rain Gardens decrease polluted run-off and recharge the aquifer

Generation Water Group

We are the next generation... trained in sustainable landscaping and water use efficiency

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gen{Irrigation} + gen{Landscape} + gen{Restoration} = gen{Workforce}

Generation Water is an award-winning, social enterprise that uses innovative approaches to reduce water usage.
We are tech-savy, problem solvers. We bring passion to water and the environment.

Generation Water delivers services in four areas:  irrigation efficiency, habitat restoration, sustainable landscaping, and workforce development.  Generation Water is a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor.  It is not, at the moment, a licensed, landscape contractor.